Author: Caleb Smith

Why it’s helpful to recite prayers

Prayer is hard. Too hard, often enough. And I don’t know about you, but for me, one of the hardest parts of prayer is just coming up with words. Is this a problem for everyone else? I get the impression that it’s pretty common. Certainly I’ve heard it mentioned more than a few times. Now, Read More

The Trinity in 200 simple words or less

The top 1000 most used words in the English language is a much smaller set that you might imagine. But if your goal is to write something that absolutely anyone can get, they’re a good pool to chose from. Here’s my attempt at giving a rough definition of the Trinity used this limited word set: Read More

Marry to love

If there’s one thing people these days tend to agree on about marriage, it’s that it is best done for love. Many people would go even further and say that marriage is only right for love. I’ve argued against this kind of view somewhat in my last podcast. But I can imagine how someone could Read More

Nicene Nerdcast: Here’s the problem with traditional marriage

Lately I’ve done a lot of reading and had some interesting conversations which relate to marriage. This has led me to think on some issues I have with the kind of thing that a lot of people sometimes call “traditional marriage.” I elaborate on some of these thoughts in this second episode of my podcast. Read More

God is not like us, but in a good way!

“God is heartless and cold.” If you grew up in church, or if you ever studied theology for more than a few minutes, you’ve probably heard a lot of technical words used to describe God. Some of these are kind of negative. You know, words that start with “im” or “a” or something. A couple Read More

The story of the Bible in 500 words or less

Before everything, there was God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In the beginning, He chose to share His infinitely blessed life by creation. He made a world of heaven and earth, populated with creatures spiritual and physical. God crowned this creation with man in His image. He made man spiritual and physical to best display Read More

To be like Jesus, be despised but not despicable.

“Jesus said we would be despised.” I hear Christians say this all the time. Usually it comes in the context of offering controversial opinions based on the Bible or Christian tradition. And technically they are correct. Jesus did tell the disciples that His followers would be ridiculed, persecuted, and hated for His sake. But… This Read More

Nicene Nerdcast: Can the Lord’s Supper fight white supremacy?

In the wake of recent racially-charged events, I’ve done a little thinking about racial issues in the Church. I’m not hugely experienced with these things, so I’m don’t think I’m qualified to say that much about race. That said, I have spent some time researching the doctrines of the Church and the sacraments. And these Read More

Some say the eclipse means the apocalypse. Does it?

Jesus is nearly here! Or something. Whenever something like an eclipse (solar or lunar) happens, there are people who insist that it is connected to the book of Revelation, or to Jesus’ prophecies about the coming of the Son of Man. Divine judgment is imminent! Next thing you know the Church will be Raptured, and Read More

Step outside and see the world biblically

A few weeks ago I read James B. Jordan’s book Through New Eyes, and it did indeed leave me with new eyes to see. The book is essentially a primer of biblical worldview. This is not, Jordan explains, the same as Christian worldview in a philosophical sense. Rather, it is about how the Bible portrays Read More

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