Ramblings about Caleb

Hi, my name is Caleb Smith. I’m in my early twenties, an evangelical Christian, husband and father of two. I work part-time while I’m studying for a B.A. in Ministry Studies at the Baptist College of Florida. On the side, I blog here and at The Nicene Nerd. My thoughts are generally occupied with Christian faith and practice, moral worldview, and fantasy/myth (both real and fictional).

This blog is a means of tethering my thoughts to real life. By default I am theoretical and abstract-minded, and I need to ground myself the concrete world. Most of the time my wife Ashley and my two children, Nathan and Jonathan, do me this service. But I also need to put it in writing. So bear with me here as I try my best to apply my musings to simple Christian living.

But I’m not always thinking about things that I consider important. Elsewhen, I like to fiddle with computers and smartphones, play Zelda, Civilization, and Age of Empires, and build the world of Teretz.